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Student Blog: Catching up with Eden King

Hello everyone! I have not done a blog entry in so long and I am so sorry about that! These few months have been so busy. I have not had the time. So much has happened since my last blog entry and I’m going to tell you about those things in this post.

Let’s start with the month of December. In December, we had a Christmas Carol day where the classes could perform Christmas carols for the school and after we would enjoy some Christmas refreshments. On that day we also got to wear our ugly Christmas sweaters. The school was decorated beautifully and the whole atmosphere screamed Christmas, which happens to be my favorite holiday! This month I also said goodbye to my lovely teacher Lori because I finished the all of the tourism modules. I then said hello to the awesome Microsoft/computer teacher Martin as I now learn how to use Microsoft Office.

Next month was of course, January. I am getting to know some new people because our class was mixed with tourism and hospitality students. I have made amazing new friends while still keeping the friendships I had from my other class. This month our class took a field trip to Lynn Canyon where we got to see nature’s true beauty and create our own brochure about the park. We took beautiful pictures and me and my friends even made a little vlog about the trip.

Now it’s February and we’re almost done with our computer courses. We only have 2 weeks left and I’m happy but sad about it. Happy because I won’t have to learn about these programs anymore but sad because I’m going to be leaving Martin’s class. He’s such a cool teacher. He’s probably going to read this and his head will probably swell lol, but he’s honestly made classes so much fun and simple. This month I also finished a research project that is a huge part of my grades and a huge chunk of stress has been removed from my life, haha! That project is the reason I haven’t done my blogs. Now that I am done, I can finally sleep well at night.

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These past few months have been an emotional roller coaster for me. There have been up days and there have been low days but I know that I believe I am in control of what I allow to bring me up and knock me down. These months have taught me that I am strong and that life is a story in which you are the author. Yes, some things may be out of your control but there are so many things you can take control of. I choose to write my story and make it a great one. If I can do it, then trust me, you can too. We are all powerful and amazing characters in the story called Life and we are all worthy of happy endings and good things. Never forget your worth everyone. Speak positively into your lives and while you’re at it enroll in our school and join in on all the fun we have.

This is Eden King once again signing off. Hasta Luego!!

Eden is in the Travel & Tourism program at CTC. Find out more about the program here and request more information today!

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