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Student Blog: Travelling, Exploring and Dreaming by Diksha Khandelwal

If we value the pursuit of knowledge we must be free to follow wherever the search may lead us’. This has always been one of my favorite quotes. With the heart of a traveler and the mind of a student, I took a giant leap forward to explore the world through joining the Travel & Tourism Business Management Diploma program with Co-op Feb, 2018 at the Canadian Tourism College. During the program, I have gone through three different class types covering some modules of Hospitality Management and Microsoft Business Management. The quote ‘difficult roads often lead to beautiful destinations’ made complete sense to me after a year of an inspiring, yet challenging journey. I strove to maintain the balance between classes, finding work, sleep and other daily activities as I was new to Canada. But stepping out of my comfort zone was truly powerful. I gained new ideas and experiences. I made lifetime connections by meeting many new people from different walks of life. Isabel, Patrick & Gwynne (the Instructors) were helpful and supportive. Other staff, like Courtney, the campus Director, were welcoming too. The opportunity to interact with the instructors on a personal level developed my people skills which enhanced my overall personality. I feel much more confident whenever I encounter a new job interview.

Before I joined CTC, I dreamed about working with some of the most renowned corporations in the travel & tourism industry. To me, travel is more than just seeing famous sights and landmarks. Travelling can change a person in a deep and permanent way. Travelling, exploring and growing can be so powerful that it impacts the way you live your life. This is why I am so passionate about travel and always want to blend it with my future career. A month ago, I was eagerly searching for a job that would help me build my career in tourism industry. Last week, I got hired by WestJet, one of the most renowned Canadian airlines, as their Sales Representative. I am enthusiastic to join their team as it is like my dream came true. My dedication and hard work is rewarded and I cherish every moment spent at CTC in the process of learning.

As I am near the completion of the program, I would like to thank everyone at CTC who crossed my path in this wonderful journey of life. I had a beautiful time with lots of memorable moments. CTC played a great role in my holistic development. I truly value this platform as it is filled with awesome opportunities. CTC has the power to transform lives to betterment if one is willing to commit and dedicate one’s time and energy honestly. Now I can take on whatever challenges I may face in the future because I know that I got the proper training. Again, thanks to CTC, I am ready for my exciting career which is just beginning!

Diksha Khandelwal
Travel & Tourism Business Management Co-op Diploma program

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