Average Salaries in the Canadian Tourism Sector

There are so many job options available when it comes to a career in Tourism, so how do you choose just one? After narrowing down your area of interest and discovering what your strengths are, it can help to have a look at the average salary for your potential career. On average, a Tourism salary in Canada is $42,500 per year or $21.79 per hour. The most experienced tourism positions make up to $72,250 per year.* Have a look below at some of the average salaries** for various positions in the Tourism industry:

Flight Attendant: CAD$27/hr

Ticket Agent: CAD$27/hr

Customer Service Representative: CAD$20 /hr

Customer Service Manager: CAD$60k /yr

Restaurant Manager: CAD$44k

Travel Advisor: CAD$43k

Event Manager: CAD$60k /yr

Event Planner: CAD$50k /yr

Tourism Communications Specialist: CAD$45k /yr

Hotel Manager: CAD$70k to $80k /yr

Looking for other ways to to get paid to travel? Here are some jobs you could consider:

Teach English

If you’re a native English speaker, this is an excellent way to supplement any job, or have it as your full-time job. You can teach English to students all around the world,

Freelance Writing

Start your own travel blog or become a freelance writer.

Tour Guide

If  you’re passionate about where you live and want to share your knowledge of it with other people, starting your own tour guiding business could be for you.

Work on a Cruise Ship

There’s a lot of job opportunities on a cruise ship. From captains, to childcare workers, to chefs and cruise directors.

Now is the perfect time to start your career in the industry. By 2028, there will be a projected 106,000 job openings in the Travel & Tourism sector! Check out these stats from www.go2hr.ca

Tourism Industry Workforce Chart

Comparison Chart

*source: neuvoo.ca

**source: glassdoor.ca

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