Daniel Peak in Rome

Meet Daniel Peak, Tourism Instructor at CTC Surrey

This week we head to our Surrey location to learn a little more about one of our two Tourism instructors, Daniel Peak! Daniel was born in South Australia and left to explore the world when he was 21. He has worked as a chef in Thailand, the UK and Israel, and worked in Canada as a culinary director for Compass Group. In recent years Daniel worked for Air Canada as a customer service trainer in the US and Canada. He has a love for travel, likes meeting people, and enjoys experiencing other cultures. Learn more about Daniel in the following short interview!

Where did you grow up?

I grew up in South Australia just south of Adelaide near McLaren Vale – the area is well known for its wine. A lot of shark documentaries are made off the coast of South Australia and there have been a few fatal shark attacks.

What brought you to Vancouver?

I am basically an Aussie backpacker that never left. I first came to Vancouver working as a Chef in 1992. My intention was to work for the summer and move on to the next destination. However, I went out for an after-work drink one night and met my wife and the plan changed.

What did you study in school?

I went to TAFE in South Australia and became the Australian equivalent of a Red Seal Chef in 1991. I went to Capilano University part time from 2006 to 2010 to get my Degree in Tourism Management. In 2012 I took the Provincial Instructor Diploma Program (PIDP) at VCC. I am currently looking forward to starting my M ed in January where I will focus on experiential learning.

Have you travelled much and if so, what was one of your most memorable experiences and why?

I lived and worked in Israel as a Chef just before coming to Canada. A memorable experience working at the hotel was being caught by the Rabbi walking through a dairy kitchen with a meat knife. As a punishment the head Chef decided to transfer me to an open kitchen poolside burger bar. It wasn’t that bad.

Interested in the Travel & Tourism program? Attend our upcoming open house at 4pm on Wednesday, December 11th at the Vancouver or Surrey campus!


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