5 Ways that Tourism College will Fuel your Travel Obsession

Plane wing view

Do you follow fifty different travel accounts on Instagram? Spend countless hours planning or fantasizing about your next trip? Have pictures of your dream destinations up on the walls of your home? Here are five reasons why attending Tourism College is perfect for the travel-obsessed person you are. You will learn more about the world Make your […]

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Have Your Cake and Eat it Too. 7 Reasons Why You Should be Taking Classes THIS Summer!

It’s sunny, it’s hot, the beach is calling your name. Going to school may not be in your plans, but perhaps it should be! Read on to see why beaches and books go hand in hand. You can start your career sooner. Are you a passionate and driven individual with exciting dreams and goals? That’s great! Following your […]

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Student Blog: Experience the Future of Flight by Ellaine Fernandez

Flight Attendant Students

There are many perks of studying at Canadian Tourism College, the most trusted flight attendant school in Canada. One is being given the chance to explore the extraordinary behind-the-scenes action at one of Seattle’s favourite aviation attractions; the Future of Flight Aviation Center where the Boeing Factory Tour begins. It is a one-of-a-kind opportunity to […]

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