Instructor Blog: Respect in the Workplace by Patrick Akuagwu

Smiling handsome man in formal suit is leaning on table top and giving his debit card to charming caucasian woman working on reception to pay his bills, modern bright interior of office or hotel

Patrick is an experienced hospitality specialist who has worked in hotel management, revenue analysis, front office, and education management. He has worked extensively in positions dealing with customers directly, thus having plenty of background and knowledge on the matter to share with his students. In this blog, he discusses respect in the workplace, and how […]

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How 6 New “Traveller Tribes” will Change Hospitality Management Forever

So, which ‘travel tribe’ do you belong to? That’s the question being posed in ‘Future Traveller Tribes 2030’, a new report by travel company Amadeus, which suggests that modern tourists fall into six basic categories: Simplicity Seekers, Obligation Meeters, Reward Hunters, Social Capital Searchers, Ethical Travellers and Cultural Purists. For those considering careers in hospitality […]

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ALICE Partners With Bttn to Make Hospitality Management Easier!

There’s a new tool being cooked up for tourism professionals, and it promises to make hotel management even more efficient. By partnering up with Bttn—a company famous for designing the “simplest internet user interface in the world”—ALICE the app maker is planning to launch a cutting edge new tool: a button. While a button might […]

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