5 Ways that Tourism College will Fuel your Travel Obsession

Plane wing view

Do you follow fifty different travel accounts on Instagram? Spend countless hours planning or fantasizing about your next trip? Have pictures of your dream destinations up on the walls of your home? Here are five reasons why attending Tourism College is perfect for the travel-obsessed person you are. You will learn more about the world Make your […]

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Tweets, Likes and Hashtags: Why Social Media is Now a Hospitality Industry Staple

These days, we can hardly leave our homes without first updating all our social media feeds. Whether we’re sharing our great mood with others, posting pictures of our dog, or hash tagging where we’re hanging out, we can’t help but notify all of our friends and followers about what’s happening in our lives in real-time. […]

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How Southwest Airlines is Making Flying More Fun

Airlines are constantly looking for new ways of differentiating themselves from their competition, so they can attract as many customers as possible. While most airlines offer in-flight movies, beverages and snacks, WiFi connections and more comfortable seat options, there are others who prefer to surprise their passengers with a range of randomly selected activities. In […]

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