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Student Blog: New Beginnings at CTC by Laura Robins

Going back to school can be nerve-racking for anyone, maybe even more so for an older student like myself who’s been out of the school environment for quite some time. Questions like “Will I fit in? Will I make friends? What will my teacher be like? Will the course be challenging? What can I expect the campus to be like?” run through just about everyone’s minds. One can become a bundle of emotions in anticipation for classes to commence. Thankfully, once starting at Canadian Tourism College, these questions quickly became answered.
Soon to be graduate Jasper McCoyFriendships are swiftly being formed in our extraordinarily diverse institution. There are students attending from across Canada, Japan, India, Mongolia and the Philippines, just to name a few. With such diverse backgrounds, it’s been educational just getting acquainted with one another. The differences are celebrated, while the similarities build the foundations for developing relationships.
The very first day, we were greeted in class by soon-to-be-graduate, Jasper McCoy. Jasper took the time to make us feel welcome. He informed us about CTC and shared valuable advice regarding what is to come. He has been an enthusiastic and charismatic individual, often found making his way around the Vancouver campus, conversing with anyone he encounters. Very shortly he will be embarking on a new journey and I sincerely wish him all the best.
CTC’s atmosphere was cordial upon arrival at the new Vancouver campus. The instructors and administration staff received the fresh-faced students with friendliness and were eager to assist us in adapting to our new environment. Instructor, Lori Albina, has made the Travel and Tourism course enjoyable thus far. She is dedicated to making us as prepared and knowledgeable about the industry as possible. Additionally, she makes us feel comfortable and confident in the classroom. She has been warm and welcoming.
I am looking forward to what is in store for the rest of the year, the adventures to be embarked on with new friends, the interesting things I will learn, and experiencing all that CTC has to offer.

-Laura Robins is a Travel & Tourism Business Management student.


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