Martin and his students visiting English Bay

Instructor Blog: What to Expect from Business Classes at CTC Pt.2

What do students learn when signing up for the Microsoft Office Business Program? Excellent question!!! One of the goals of the Canadian Tourism College is to prepare students for the real world. In essence, our goal is to ensure our students have practical, hands on knowledge in order to hit the ground running when they find their first job or their dream job. The ultimate goal of the Microsoft Office Business program is to ensure students have the computer, business and communication skills to land a great job or create their own company immediately upon graduation.

Does the program work? Just ask our fellow alumnae at any one of our open houses. Their experience and advice will help you make the right decision. You’ll learn how to create a budget in Excel, how to create a marketing plan during the Business Communications section, how to create a brochure in Word and so much more in only twelve short weeks. Our MOB graduates have gone on to work in one of the many fields within the travel and tourism industry. Vancouver is Canada’s foremost location for travel and tourism. The Canadian Tourism College provides a business program that is second to none when it comes to preparing students for business in Vancouver upon graduation.

We look forward to seeing you very soon at one of our open houses in either Vancouver or Surrey!

Martin Presse
MOB Instructor – Canadian Tourism College

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