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Student Blog: Summer at CTC by Eden King

It’s summertime and things are looking as bright as the sun. This month has been so eventful. My class got a little bigger and we had some amazing adventures as well. This month we took a trip to Canada Place to view some of the cruise ships and we also took a tour of the Convention Centre.

I am enjoying my experience more and more. The new module we are learning is challenging and fun at the same time, and the new students added to our class blended so well, it’s almost like we all started at the same time. Some of my classmates and I even had a little cultural potluck, where we brought some food from our culture and shared it with each other. We even shared some of our culture with Lori, our teacher. We create more memories with each other every day.

Blog - Student Potluck

These days I feel like my options are so open. I feel like my dreams and aspirations are in reach. There are some days that I feel down, or like the future isn’t looking bright, but when I enter the doors of the school and see the smiling faces of the staff and students I know that all will be well.

The main thing I want to emphasize is that you should follow your dreams, and if you feel like the door towards your success is closing, stick your foot in its way, keep it from shutting, swing it back open and take charge.

I’m signing off now. Stay beautiful. Hasta Luego!

If you’d like to find out more about the Travel and Tourism program at CTC, visit the program page here. 

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