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Student Blog: Autumn at CTC by Eden King

Hey there to all reading this right now. If you have been following all of my other blogs then by now you can predict that this school is pretty amazing. This is month 5 now and you’re probably wondering if I still feel the same way about the school or if things have gotten harder and unbearable. Well, honestly the truth is that it is really, really hard … to find any negatives with this school. Ha! I got you there didn’t I? *wink wink* Honestly the more time I spend in this school the more I love it and the more I appreciate my time here.

I can honestly say that going to this school has changed the way I look at things. For example, I went for a stroll along the seawall, and all I could think about was how this beautiful view can benefit the travel industry but also how the view made me feel. I felt so at peace and serene. It helped me understand that travel is not just for selfish enjoyment or for business purposes, it can also be for the betterment of someone. Every piece of the travel industry can better the life of humans. We are giving them that feeling of peace, we are giving them that form of satisfaction and changing their lives even if it is in a little way. I am so happy I get to learn and be part in an industry that will allow me to do that.


Eden and Vancouver Seawall


The only thing hard for me is realizing that time is passing and soon I will be graduating and I won’t get to see my friends as often. I have become so close to them and I consider myself blessed to have met them. I never would have met them if not for this school. This school is an amazing place to meet new people and also grow and learn new things. I hear there are spots available for the October term. Take it from me and join us. Maybe we will meet and become friends who knows? Well that’s all I have to offer you this month. Hopefully you enjoyed this entry! This is Eden signing off once again.

Hasta Luego!!

Join Eden at Canadian Tourism College! Request more information today or attend our Open House on October 24th at either the Vancouver or Surrey campus!

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