Faculty and students on stage at the graduation ceremony

CTC News Update November 2018

Time for another news update! It’s mid-November and 2018 is almost at an end, can you believe it? Before you know it, we will be welcoming new students and getting started on making 2019 the best year yet! But first things first …

Information Session

We have an information session coming up this Wednesday November 21st, from 4pm to 6pm. Anyone interested in Canadian Tourism College programs and careers in the tourism industry are welcome to attend at either the Vancouver or Surrey campus. We will have our friendly advisors on hand to answer questions and provide helpful information regarding CTC. Guests can let us know they will be attending by filling out this form on our website.

Graduation Fall 2018

We held our graduation ceremony just last week and it was everything we could have hoped for and more! Our guest speaker for the event was Angelina Gibson, Senior Manager of Destinations at Rocky Mountaineer. Her insight on the industry was extremely valuable and inspiring, and we were lucky to have her as our guest. Our valedictorian Taylor Barton did a fantastic job of delivering such a heartfelt and authentic speech; we were all very touched. It is a truly remarkable thing to see such a meaningful connection between instructor and student. Shout out to Flight Attendant instructor Christina Ling for being such an inspiration! We will be receiving more photographs from the event and will post them as soon as we can! Stay tuned.

Our latest student testimonial!

We recently received another great story from a CTC student that we are excited to share! Meet Cyra.

Cyra J. – Travel & Tourism Business Management Diploma with Co-op

Photo of Cyra J at the Surrey CampusWe had a subject in Grade 12 called Graduation Transitions 12 which was all about self-exploration and careers we want to pursue after graduating. One time, we had a class activity where we took some personality tests and thought about what we love doing the most. It was at that moment that I realized that I have a passion for traveling and that I also love working with people!

I thought to myself, what is that one career that can make you travel around the world and work with people all at the same time? That is none other than the career of Tourism! That day after school, I went home and researched some colleges and universities where they offer Travel & Tourism courses in BC, and that is when I came across Canadian Tourism College.

Right after graduating high school, I enrolled in the program of Travel & Tourism Business Management with co-op. Here I am now one year later, already finished my academics at CTC and I am now doing my co-op at a casino.

My school and the program I chose have trained me to become more confident and gain the skills and knowledge I needed to be successful in the workplace. I am happy because CTC gave me the opportunity to work in the industry that I love.

Thanks for sharing your story, Cyra!


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