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Student Blog: Goals and Ambitions by Eden King

Hey everyone! Another month has passed and boy oh boy has it been a busy month. It has not been easy but I will continue to keep my head up because I know that there is a bigger goal ahead of me that I have to reach. I will continue to keep pushing to reach my goals and not let any obstacles in my way. Through all of the tough times and the stress I am grateful that I have my family there to comfort me and even the amazing friends that I have made in school there for me as well. I look at them as my school family. I am also grateful to God because he continues to show that he is there for me and that he has my back and his support has kept me and my family together and helped us.

This month we had an assignment where we could share our goals and ambitions and people we are thankful for and we got to really learn a lot more about each other. It was very emotional and inspiring. It helped me to remember that everyone has their battles and their ambitions. They may be similar to yours or they may be way different from where you want to be but we are all here to reach a specific goal and that we all have in common.

Travel and Tourism Classroom

CTC has opened many doors for me and my fellow classmates and can do the same for you! Don’t hold off on your dreams any longer. Join us on this adventure. This is Eden King logging off again. See you next month!

Thank you for reading. Hasta Luego!

Eden is in the Travel & Tourism program at CTC. Find out more about the program here and request more information today!

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