Flight Attendant Students on Image Day

Flight Attendant Training at CTC

The Flight Attendant program at Canadian Tourism College is truly one of a kind. A combination of hands-on training, field trips, and in-classroom study produces confident graduates who are ready to interview with top airlines right out of college. Read on to find out what makes Flight Attendant training at CTC so unique.

Fuselage Training

Fuselage at the Vancouver Campus

Where will you find an actual B737 Aircraft inside a building in the centre of downtown Vancouver? At Canadian Tourism College of course! Nestled against a full side wall, the fuselage includes a working door, original seating, overhead bins and more. The space enables students to get realistic hands-on training and develop skills in service and emergency procedures. In order to transfer these large pieces into the classroom, windows had to be taken off of the building and each piece had to be lifted up and into the building with a crane. The fuselage is a fairly new addition to the campus, installed at the campus in May 2018.

Water Raft Evacuation, Cabin Firefighting Training and First Aid

Another important component of the Flight Attendant program is the water raft evacuation and cabin firefighting training. Held outside, the firefighting training gives students an opportunity to practice using a fire extinguisher under controlled conditions. This session is led by Firewise Training & Consulting, rain or shine! Later in the day, students are taken to the YMCA pool for their raft evacuation training. This training is designed to simulate a ditching situation in which an aircraft has landed in a body of water. Students are taught how to properly evacuate and ensure the safety of passengers in such a situation. Back at the campus, a separate group of Flight Attendant students attend First Aid courses.

YVR Field Trip

Flight Attendant students at YVR

Every cohort of students that take the Flight Attendant program take a field trip to YVR Airport. The purpose of this trip is to train students in airport familiarization, and may include class presentations and other various educational activities. Occasionally, instructors will even run into a former CTC student, now working at YVR!

Future of Flight Aviation Center & Boeing Tour

One of the most exciting field trips taken during the Flight Attendant program is to the Future of Flight Aviation Center and Boeing tour, located approximately 25 miles north of Seattle. This tour guides visitors through Boeing’s commercial jet assembly plant, where you can see 787 Dreamliners, 777s, 767s and 747s coming to life. It’s a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to see these massive planes in assembly right before your eyes, and to learn about the details and features of each model. After the tour there is plenty to see and do around the center, including airplane spotting from the Strato Deck or taking advantage of photo ops inside the cockpit of a plane on the display floor.

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