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What does success as a school look like?

When our Fall 2018 valedictorian Taylor sent a photo of her first flight with Flair Airlines, our Flight Attendant instructor Christina of course responded with pride and excitement. Being a social media enthusiast, Christina was quick to share it on Instagram right away! But there was something extra-special about the photo: the entire flight crew that day were all CTC graduates! In total, 2 from the Surrey campus and 2 from the Vancouver campus. You better believe that behind the scenes, staff were excitedly sending emails to each other about how proud they were. As Christina so perfectly puts it, “this is why we do what we do”.

The success of CTC is best measured by the success of our students, and their passion, drive and commitment. Our programs are more than simply a series of classes in which to learn new skills, they are an experience that inspires and builds the confidence necessary to step out into the real world and find success. The ability for our instructors to inspire and instill confidence is how CTC has become so well known for producing top-notch graduates. Take for example the case of one particular applicant, who had been to an interview with Westjet, but didn’t get the job. When she asked what she could do to increase her chances of employment, they recommended she take the Flight Attendant program at CTC. This was truly a testament to the quality of the program and industry recognition of Canadian Tourism College.

Some more great feedback from CTC Alumni:


CTC’s curriculum is prepared and put together by those who have experience working within the hospitality industry which makes a huge difference. I was able to learn from retired professionals who experienced life on cruise ships, aircraft, hotels etc. They taught me how to deal with every day occurrences in the work place. The most enjoyable aspect of the program was our off-site activities because they gave us the opportunity to learn about the industry in real time.

– Ozzy Goksel


I chose CTC wanting to be a flight attendant. I ended up learning a lot more about the industry and what it has to offer. As of right now my heart is settled on working for a hotel & my goal is to open my own boutique hotel one day. The most beneficial part of the training is working with other students who are amazing and have a similar mindset as you. Everyone wants to be successful but in their own unique ways. The instructors are wonderful and I learned a lot of different things with each one. They made sure we knew everything clearly and they always looked out for our best interest and success. I would recommend CTC to others because the school will always look for your best interest and they make sure you are happy and successful along every step of the way.

– Roqia Safdari

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