Instructor Blog: Health and Safety while Travelling Pt. 2 – by Christina Ling

This is part two of Vancouver Flight Attendant Instructor Christina Ling’s blog on safe travel. Missed the first part of the blog? Click here!

We are very blessed to live in Canada. Canadians have access to clean water, top healthcare, an abundant food supply, strict agricultural policies and regulations to protect all citizens. I have witnessed firsthand cities around the world that do not have the same stringent standards as we do. Because of these standards and regulations we are protected from many illnesses. The diseases we see in Canada (and North America overall) are not the same as the ones around the world. We do not have the same immunity as those who reside in foreign countries. These diseases can be very virulent, spread rapidly and be extremely dangerous. Therefore, it is of great importance that people exercise responsibility if choosing to travel to other parts of the globe. I am grateful that my parents were pro-vaccinations. When I became a Flight Attendant, the airline administered all necessary immunizations to keep their Flight Crews healthy while working abroad. I am convinced that that these vaccines protected me and all those I came into contact with.

How do we protect ourselves when travelling abroad and reduce our chances of falling ill? When boarding an aircraft use disinfectant wipes to clean the headrest, tray table, armrest, seat belt, movie screen … anything that your hands come in contact with. Always wash your hands after using the lavatory and use a single use paper towel to open the door. Never use the lavatory with bare or stockinged feet. Finally, always carry a travel size bottle of hand sanitizer and use it liberally. Pay attention to government advisories, travel alerts and immunization recommendations for the country you are travelling to. Purchase comprehensive medical and travel insurance.

Exploring and traversing the globe whether it be for business or pleasure is something that everyone should experience. I maintain that travel is and always will be the best education. If you are planning a trip soon, acquire as much knowledge as possible, exercise good judgement and weigh the benefits vs the risks. Be proactive, take precautions, and take responsibility for protecting yourself and your loved ones. By taking these steps, you can sit back, relax and enjoy your flight.

Christina Ling – Flight Attendant Instructor – Former Flight Attendant/Purser CAIL

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