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Vancouver’s Cruise Ship Industry

If you thought that the hospitality industry was only about hotels and restaurants, think again. As summer approaches, the cruise ship industry in Vancouver begins to heat up. This year is already set to see another record-breaking season, with over 1 million passengers expected to arrive in Vancouver; a 21% increase from last year. About 300 vessels will arrive in Vancouver at Canada Place between now and October, including 31 different ships from 24 cruise lines. This influx of cruise ships also brings an increase in flight passenger arrivals, more hotel bookings and plenty of business for local restaurants.

Why work on a cruise ship?

As for many hospitality jobs, working on a cruise ship is a great opportunity to meet people from around the world and learn about different cultures. But unlike many other positions in tourism and hospitality, an on-board cruise ship position will have you travelling with your guests almost the entire time. This means that you are almost constantly an essential part of creating amazing guest experiences, while you yourself get to go along for the ride. Your accommodations and food are covered by your employment, so you can keep more of the money you earn, which is a great perk. But the best perk of all is that you are getting paid to travel! Depending on your position and schedule, you’ll have the chance to disembark at various ports and explore other parts of the world.

What career opportunities are there?

A single cruise ship can have approximately 2,000 employees on board, which means there is plenty of opportunity and a wide range of positions. The industry itself provides around 7,000 jobs in Canada alone. Some of the areas you can work in include entertainment, food and beverage administration, photography and video, and human resources. Positions include pursers, stewards, and other cruise staff. Cruise directors for example lead activities for guests and are essential in helping run entertainment events on the ship. If you prefer a corporate position, there is also employment available in areas such as marketing, finance, sales, and public relations. A quick Google search will lead you to plenty of cruise ship employment opportunities!

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*All stats obtained from the March 28, 2019 Port of Vancouver Media Release.

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