10 Travel Books to Inspire You

Love to travel, and love to read? Check out our list of top ten fiction, nonfiction, and nonfiction-“ish” travel books that are sure to fuel your wanderlust.

The Alchemist

by Paulo Coelho

This is a well-known book that tells the story of an Andalusian shepherd boy who travels from Spain to Egypt, learning many important life lessons along the way. The story has a strong focus on following your heart, and provides many inspirational lessons about life.

Love With a Chance of Drowning

by Torre DeRoche

This is a love story about city girl Torre DeRoche, who falls in love with a man from Argentina only to find that he is about to set sail on a journey around the world. Although frightened of the vastness of the ocean, she chooses to accompany him. The story follows the two lovebirds as they navigate the high seas whileTorre discovers more about herself and chasing dreams.

On the Road

by Jack Kerouac

A semi-autobiographical book set in the 1940s, this story follows Sal Paradise on his cross-country road trip with friend Neal Cassady. It’s a mischievous tale that is sure to give the reader that same sense of adventure and freedom portrayed by the characters.

The Beach

by Alex Garland

Now well-known as a movie starring Leonardo DiCaprio, this story follows the main character Richard as he searches for “the Beach”, a location disclosed to him on a map left by a fellow traveler after his death. The Beach is rumored to be a small paradise, with gorgeous white sand, waterfalls and lush jungle, where a select few people have created their own small community. However, when he finds the location and begins to learn more about it, he begins to uncover its unsettling secrets.

In A Sunburned Country

by Bill Bryson

This book tells the tales of Bill Bryson’s experiences traveling through Australia, including unfavourable situations and dangerous encounters with wildlife. It’s almost like a guidebook, but with better storytelling and great in-depth telling of Australia’s history and quirks.

Under the Tuscan Sun

by Frances Mayes

This book paints a beautiful picture of life in in Tuscany; it’s traditions, cuisine and personality, though the eyes of Frances Mayes. The author, a poet and travel writer, tells the story of her experience of buying and renovating a villa on the Tuscan countryside. Need inspiration to fly away, find your passion, and try something new? This book is for you!


by Gregory David Roberts

This story follows the story of an escaped convict from a maximum security prison in Australia, as he hides out in the underworld of India. Full of love, mystery and intrigue, this story is supposedly based on the life of the author but it is speculated many details have been emphasized for the sake of creating a fascinating fiction novel.

The Geography of Bliss

by Eric Weiner

This is the story of one man’s journey to discover where in the world the happiest people live. Through traveling and meeting people from different cultures and all walks of life, he tries to discover what determines the happiness of a population.


by Rolf Potts

Want to read something that will inspire you to leave your day-to-day life and take a long-term journey discovering the world? This is the book that will speak to you. Great for those who are about to set off on their first big adventure, Rolf Potts guides you through his tips for planning, budgeting, and getting the most out of your trip.

Eat Pray Love

by Elizabeth Gilbert

Another book that became a movie, this is the story of how Elizabeth Gilbert dealt with the stresses of her life at home by selling her possessions, quitting her job and traveling the world. Her intention is to explore aspects of her nature in locations known for those qualities. Rome for the art of pleasure, India for the art of devotion and Bali for spirituality. A must-read for anyone who ever fantasizes about taking a journey of self-discovery themselves!

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