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5 Best Things About Working in Hospitality

A career in Hospitality is demanding and fast-paced. You need to be able to problem solve on the spot and handle even the most stressful situation calmly and often with a smile on your face. Despite the challenges, it is most certainly an occupation that is dynamic enough to excite and surprise you for an entire lifetime. So what are our top reasons for choosing a career in Hospitality?


Variety is the spice of life, right? Well, the career possibilities in the Hospitality industry are practically endless. Not only can you work at a hotel, restaurant, bar, cruise ship or resort, but you can also work in housekeeping, marketing, accounting, sales, customer services, human resources, and a variety of management positions. You don’t even necessarily have to switch companies to change your position, even if it’s a completely different department! You can always grow into a new position and are constantly learning transferable skills that can be useful in any number of other careers out there.


If being around people energizes you, and you enjoy meeting folks from all over the globe, a job in Hospitality could be a great fit! You will meet new people every day, hear their stories, and share their experiences. The way that you treat your guests can have a lasting impact on their day, their week, maybe even their year! This business IS people. Hospitality is a highly social industry where you be able to improve your communication skills, create new networking opportunities and make new friends.


The rewards of working in Hospitality go beyond just your daily wage. There may be tips, free meals, discounted stays at hotels or travel deals. You might work at a hotel and meet a famous guest or attend exclusive events for free that would otherwise cost a fortune. People in Hospitality know how to have fun!

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Not your Average 9-5

Not a morning person? The hospitality industry pretty much runs 24 hours a day, you can work evenings if that’s more your thing. You don’t have to work when the majority of other people work, so you can have days off that most people don’t. Ever wanted to have the gym to yourself or not have to line up forever at the bank? As a Hospitality worker, you can! Just remember that holidays and weekends are usually the busiest times at hotels and restaurants, so you often have to work at those times. (Don’t worry, it’s usually pretty fun!).


People will always travel, they will always need a place to stay and a meal to eat. This means that there will always be jobs available! And no amount of technology can replace the interaction and experience that a real person can provide.

So what are you waiting for? Discover more about our Hospitality programs today!

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