Student Housing Options in Vancouver

While CTC does not currently provide on-campus housing, there are many options available in the Vancouver area for student accommodation, whether that means finding a homestay opportunity, a private residence, or a shared accommodation. Read on to find our recommended resources for out-of-town students looking for a place to live during their studies. (Note: we are providing the websites below as a resource for our students, but do not endorse these sites or their rental listings).

Accommodations for students in Metro Vancouver

Did you know that there are companies that specialize in helping students find housing in the lower mainland? Below are our top recommendations.

Global Education City

GEC provides fully furnished, safe, and comfortable accommodations to foreign and domestic students at affordable rates. Their goal is to give students an effortless transition into Vancouver so that they have more
time to spend on their studies and social activities. They offer flexible stays and affordable, fully furnished suites in a variety of convenient locations.

Casa Vancouver

Casa Vancouver offers three distinct student living experiences that are high quality and well-priced. Through Casa Vancouver, you can find homestay opportunities, shared accommodations and private suites.

Bell Accommodation Services

Bell Accommodation Services helps both domestic and international students find the best furnished student accommodations in Vancouver that fit each person’s unique needs. Their furnished student rental accommodations are located in: Burnaby, North Vancouver, East Vancouver and Vancouver West. Properties are clean, comfortable, affordable, and located in desirable areas. All accommodations are personally inspected by Bell Accommodation Services staff to ensure that they meet high standards.

Interior of an apartment

Deciding Where to Live

There are many factors to consider when figuring out which option is best for you when it comes to location and accommodation type. The following are some of our tips to consider when choosing your student housing.

  • If you find a place that is not walking distance to your campus and you do not have a car, make sure to check the transit situation in the area. Be sure to consider what is nearby as well, such as grocery stores, restaurants, parks and shopping centres.
  • When it comes to the accommodation itself, decide whether you would prefer an apartment or a suite in a home. There are advantages and disadvantages to both, including noise level, security and affordability.
  • If you are going to be living with a roommate, make sure you get to know them before committing to sharing a space with them. Those with similar daily habits will probably work out as the best roommates.

For more tips and online resources, visit our student housing page.

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