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Meet Our CTC Instructors: Lori and Chantal

Today we bring you another blog that will help you get to know some of our amazing CTC instructors! All of our CTC instructors are experienced in the industry and love to share their passion for tourism and hospitality with their students. The following interviews are with Lori Albina, Travel & Tourism instructor, and Chantal Jones, Hospitality instructor, both of whom teach at the Vancouver campus. Let’s meet them!

Lori Albina, Travel & Tourism Program

Tourism Instructor Lori AlbinaTell us a bit about your experience in the industry

I have 30 years’ combined industry and teaching experience. I have worked in many roles in the “Travel Services” sector including being a Travel Counsellor (Corporate and Leisure) for both an independent travel agency (Lloyds World Travel and Cruises) and a chain (Thomas Cook Travel). My background also includes Travel Sales and working with Incentive Groups. I have enjoyed teaching at CTC for the past 12 years.

What are the major topics covered within the program you teach?

We cover all the “Five Sectors of Tourism” including Transportation (air/ cruise/ ground/ rail), Accommodation (Hotels, Resorts, All-Inclusives) and Travel Services (Tour Operators, Travel Agencies, Tourism products). World Geography and culture are explored and emphasis is placed on how the industry works together to create an exciting travel product for the customer!

What are some advantages of teaching courses online?

Students may enroll who might otherwise not be able to as they live far away so it creates an even more diverse classroom.

What is your outlook on the future of this industry after COVID-19?

I have seen a lot of highs and lows in the Tourism Industry throughout my career. More people travelling to new destinations, countries opening up to tourism, more efficient aircraft and train, hotel and cruise ship expansion and new exciting niche markets. There have also been devastating earthquakes, tsunamis, hurricanes, economic crisis and recession, wars, health issues (SARS, MERS), worldwide acts of terrorism and of course now our global pandemic. But through all of this 3 things have always stood out to me.

1. The incredible resilience of the Tourism Industry.

2. People will always love to travel, explore and reconnect.

3. The passion and adaptability of Tourism Professionals. It has been a tough time and we know we have a ways to go yet but I know that the Tourism Industry will not only survive; it will thrive. Animals, plants and marine life on the Galapagos Islands needed to adapt to survive and so will we. (Have to get a travel reference in here! 🙂 We need to be ready with open-minded, trained and adaptable individuals to take on the challenges and growth of the “new” Tourism Industry.

What are some career opportunities for students after graduation?

Customer Service Agent for Airlines, Cruise Ship Terminal, Rail Lines, Travel Counsellors (home based or in-office), Tour Companies (inbound and outbound), working onboard Cruise Lines or in Hotels and so many more!

What are some of your graduates doing now?

Working at all of the above! Westjet, Premium Plaza Lounge at YVR, Travel Best Bets, Rocky Mountaineer, Renshaw Travel, Discover Canada Tours, Fairmont Hotels etc.

Chantal Jones, Hospitality Program

Chantal's casual headshotTell us a bit about your experience in the industry

My entire career prior to becoming an instructor was dedicated to the hospitality industry. I enjoyed a journey from housekeeper to director through nearly 20 years of hard work and a love of delivering memorable service. My career was largely centered at Wall Centre Hotels in the Front Office department. At the Sheraton Wall Centre, I held every position from front desk, night audit, up to department head, and later was Director of Rooms at the Westin Wall Centre. I love sharing my many stories of working in a fast-paced team environment where I had the pleasure of working with so many talented individuals, and enjoyed serving a wide array of guests from all over the world.

What are the major topics covered within the program you teach?

Our program covers a wide variety of topics from Front Office to Cooking! No matter what area of hospitality you are interested in, our program offers knowledge and skills that will contribute to your success in the industry. Courses such as Sales & Marketing, Accounting, and Human Resources highlight widely applicable skills. Other courses cover specific areas such as restaurants, kitchen operation, resort management, housekeeping, event planning and much more. We even offer career development to get you ready to get the job you desire.

What are some advantages of teaching courses online?

Online learning offers many advantages for students including having flexibility of work time, easily accessible resources, and completing self-directed learning that promotes industry-desired skills such as time management and self-discipline. As the instructor, I enjoy still connecting as a class in our daily Zoom calls, but also connecting one-on-one with students throughout the courses while enjoying the flexibility I need to do my other job: being a mom!

What is your outlook on the future of this industry after COVID-19?

I have been through a few major ups and downs in the hospitality industry. I entered my career around the time of 9/11 when hotels were struggling, and again in 2008 when the markets crashed. These uncertain times of a pandemic are certainly challenging the hospitality industry, but I’m confident that with creativity and perseverance, they will bounce back yet again! Hospitality has been around for centuries and people’s desire to travel is merely on hold … we will travel again!

What are some career opportunities for students after graduation?

Our program offers a diverse skill set for our graduates to take into the industry of their choice. Many seek employment in hotels around the world, in the food-service industry, and other related industries. The students leave with widely applicable skills, and insight into the working world. Our instructors enjoy mentoring and working with students to help them achieve their career goals.

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