Travel Movies to Inspire Your Next Trip

If you’re looking for something other than a cheesy holiday movie to watch during these colder, darker days, we have some great suggestions for you! 2020 was not a big year for travel for obvious reasons, so now is the perfect time to take yourself on a trip around the world from the comfort of your own home! Read on for a list of ten movies we recommend watching to inspire you to start planning your next adventure!

Into the Wild (Alaska)

Into the Wild is a story of self-discovery and explores the triumphs and challenges of solo travel. After graduating from university, top student and athlete Christopher McCandless gives away all of his possessions and savings to charity and hitchhikes across Northern America, all the way up to Alaska. Experience the beauty of places like Lake Tahoe and the Colorado River, and the kindness and quirkiness of strangers that Christopher meets along the way. Though things do take a darker turn, it is overall a beautiful story about the journey that life takes us on.

The Secret Life of Walter Mitty (Global: Greenland, Iceland and the Himalayas)

If you’ve ever been in a rut and dreamt of traveling and experiencing more of the world, you will find the premise of this movie very relatable. Walter is living a fairly uneventful life working at Life magazine, when a negative from a famous photojournalist goes missing. Heading off in search of it, Walter begins his whimsical journey around the world. The adventures he encounters are extraordinary, the cinematography stunning, and the soundtrack is inspiring!

Wild (Pacific Northwest US)

Another movie about solo travel and self-discovery, Wild is the story of a young woman who sets off on a 1,1000 mile trek on the Pacific Crest Trail. After experiencing some personal tragedies, she sets out to face her demons and prove to herself that she can finish the entire journey herself. Based on a true story, this film will not only take you through some beautiful locations such as the Mount Hood and Crater Lake, but also show you the resilience of the human spirit.

Under the Tuscan Sun (Italy)

This story follows American writer Frances Mayes as she travels to Tuscany after a bitter divorce. While there, she falls in love with an old house and impulsively decides to buy it. Throughout the movie, she meets some very interesting locals, consumes amazing food and wine and experiences the beauty of Italy. A visually gorgeous film, it will make you want to travel to Italy as soon as possible!

The Darjeeling Limited (India)

This colourful film follows the journey of three brothers on a train ride through India. Having not spoken to each other in a year, they set off to find themselves and attempt to bond with one another. Things do not go exactly as planned, which makes for great entertainment as you watch them struggle through their many misadventures.

The Way (France – Spain)

If you’re looking for a film that will show you the beauty of the world through a heartwarming story, this one is it. The movie follows a father who travels overseas to retrace the final days of his son, who passed away on the Camino de Santiago trail in the Pyrenees. He ends up travelling the route himself, experiencing captivating landscapes and meeting interesting people along the way.

The Motorcycle Diaries (South America)

This film is based on the memoirs of Che Guevara, through some of the most beautiful places in South America. More than just a road trip-type movie, this film shows how travel can change the course of your life forever.

Lost in Translation (Japan)

This movie will make you want your next vacation to be to Tokyo, Japan! In this heartfelt and meaningful film, an unexpected bond is formed between two strangers who are both dealing with their own inner struggles. One is a conflicted newlywed, and the other an aging movie star. The sights and energy of Tokyo throughout the film are enough to keep you watching.

Tracks (Deserts of West Australia)

Experience the beauty of the Australian desert as you follow a woman and her dog on their journey-by-camel from Alice Springs to the Indian Ocean. Based on a true story, this film may inspire you to take a solo trip of your own. (Or maybe with your dog!)

The Bucket List (China, Egypt, Tanzania, France and the US)

This story follows two older men who are struggling to come to terms with what they have done and what they would like to do in life. They decide, against the advice of doctors, to take off on an adventure together and check things off on their bucket lists. Their journey takes them to various locations around the world that will inspire you to check off some bucket list items of your own!



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