Now is the perfect time to begin your tourism career

Now is the perfect time to begin your education at CTC this summer and fall! Tourism professionals are hopeful to witness a domestic tourism boom come 2022. Study now, and graduate in 2022 when there is a projected increase in tourism careers next year.

Who would have thought that one day, we wouldn’t be allowed to visit our favorite cities for several months? Or our friends and family overseas?

We can leave that worry behind now. Tourist numbers are rising and the industry seems destined to survive. In fact, it is now becoming a better version of itself. 




The tourism industry was one of the most affected during the pandemic, but it will be one of the most prosperous after. Through the reinvention of tourism, it is estimated that 101,430 jobs will be created in the next few years, according to Business Intelligence for B.C. 

Here are a few examples of how they are already changing the tourism industry:

Hotel and accommodation sector

The more people think about how they travel, the more inclined they are to look for hotels and travel companies that are doing everything within their power to be environmentally friendly. By adopting these practices, tourism can begin to function again safely and sustainably, as well as providing economic benefits to the companies involved. 

The hotels now offer more wellness-oriented stays that include amenities specifically designed for guests. Sustainable travel and tourism are fundamental to a healthy planet, a healthy society, and a healthy industry. During and after 2021, this new trend will be one of the ones to watch.

Recreation and entertainment sector

As tourists’ demands change, tourism is adapting; The tendency will be for travelers to visit places that enable them to maintain social distance. This is when the tourism experts will play a crucial role, giving new ideas and original routes to follow that will keep travelers safe at busy spots. Considering how quickly things can change during COVID-19, travelers will be more attentive to the advice of tourism experts whether they are visiting a new country or returning to their hometowns. Travel experts are most likely to also be hired to help international travelers, given the difficulties associated with traveling abroad today.   



Travel and Tourism are going through a transformation, which means more opportunities than ever before to succeed in this market.

Having spent much time at home thinking of ways we can make a positive impact on the world, it’s time to try something new that will motivate you to pursue your true calling.

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