Travel & Tourism Webinar with Christiane Ah-Chuen

Travel and Tourism instructor Christiane and her students

Missed our webinar with travel and tourism instructor Christiane and her students Mia and Gustavo? You can still view the full webinar on our Facebook page at, or continue reading for a quick summary! Introducing Christiane and her students Christiane was born in Mauritius, on the east coast of Africa, a beautiful island with […]

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Student Housing Options in Vancouver

While CTC does not currently provide on-campus housing, there are many options available in the Vancouver area for student accommodation, whether that means finding a homestay opportunity, a private residence, or a shared accommodation. Read on to find our recommended resources for out-of-town students looking for a place to live during their studies. (Note: we are […]

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Contiki Tour 2019

Students at YVR on the way to Europe

At CTC we believe that an experiential, hands-on education plays a critical role in learning and retaining information. This is why our programs include behind-the-scenes visits to relevant local businesses, practicums, and optional co-op components that give students that opportunity to earn money while gaining experience in their field. This year, we took it a step […]

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Instructor Blog: Health and Safety while Travelling Pt. 2 – by Christina Ling

This is part two of Vancouver Flight Attendant Instructor Christina Ling’s blog on safe travel. Missed the first part of the blog? Click here! We are very blessed to live in Canada. Canadians have access to clean water, top healthcare, an abundant food supply, strict agricultural policies and regulations to protect all citizens. I have […]

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